Superstar Bloggers Would Dig It If You Kept Calling Them That. Okay? Okay.

November 3, 2008

blogging-1.jpg I’m guessing that it’s not a good thing that, of late, most urges of mine to be “creative” (by which I mean subjecting whichever idiot happens to fall into this site in his search for a terrible terrible Rod Stewart song to the random trappings of my brain) have been inspired only by the creative acts of others. Good Lord, did you see that run-on sentence? I’m so glad we both made it safely out.

As such, I don’t have anything to add to Michael Duff’s Friday column during which he raised a pen up to Alex Balk and Choire Sicha, among other Bloggers Missing In Recession. (Well, maybe that the “superstar bloggers” Duff’s doffing his cap to would (and did) get a good chuckle out of that oxymoronic description. Superstars are supposed to get paid, no?) Duff’s right and God (and I) love him for it.

Hey, wouldn’t it be fucking hilarious if someone threw a startup website of the canned and laid-off bloggers who have talked about doing that very thing for years together at various Manhattan gin mills and everyone came and it was awesome? Just saying.

Finest Writers On The Web Are Ready to Work For Coffee, Beer [Michael Duff]


Yup. Seems About Right.

October 27, 2008

Yup. Sounds About Right. I mean, given the godforsaken depths of craptasticness involved in being an American attempting to make a living stringing words together these days. Fine, okay, I suppose life isn’t so grand if you earn your bread “managing” money. Or building cars. Or in the insurance, healthcare or steel industries. Hey, even your friendly (mine is, swear) postal worker’s job isn’t safe.

Your haplessly performed attempts at that writing thing however, should you be operating in and around the tri-state region, or the other side of the country, or anywhere in between really, are, let me assure you, mere fuel for the flames of laughter enjoyed as we speak by The Sadist Upstairs.

Ahem. So. Less melodramatically? This right here is a fairly classic example of why Alex Balk, the now former executive editor of the now former Radar magazine, is a damn fine manager. Which is actually a compliment.

Didn’t He Ramble [Alex Balk]
MemoPad: RIP Radar Again [WWD]

Oh, This Should Be Good…

August 25, 2008

“Choire Sicha Joins Radar: Last Media Job In New York City Gladly Taken”

…Very good indeed. I mean, thank God. About time, for chrissakes.

In other news, since Choire is otherwise occupied (presumably looking for a white suit and spats to go with his fancy new title), I’ll be guest-blogging at Radar this week. I can neither confirm nor deny that Doree Shafrir, Emily Gould and Joshua David Stein will also be joining me. Disgusting, it all is, isn’t it?