Pandora Radio Tweaks Business Model Ever So Subtly

November 7, 2008


“While some stations display ads on their website, Pandora hasn’t done itself any favors by offering desktop clients and a wildly popular iPhone application that rake in millions of users without so much as a single ad.” [ArtsJournal, 8/16/2008]

So much (hopefully) for that particular rumor of death. There really is nothing more offensive than a bubble-gum pink ad campaign, though.


This Guilt Trip Brought To You By Facebook

July 25, 2008

Thanks, Mark Zuckerberg. You just made me confirm to you that I am a global devastation snubbing first-worlder.

“It’s important for people to be good to each other,” you told Forbes yesterday.

Which made me wonder just how much of your estimated $1.5 billion net worth YOU are devoting to slowing down the general deterioration of humanity? Hmmm? MARK? Prick.