Dear Darlings Doree and Krucoff: Guess What? You’re Both Wrong About Sheila McClear.

December 3, 2008

Which is excellent! For the aforementioned recently laid-off Miss McClear, that is. Who says? Why, the New York State Department of Labor, in its concerted two-year effort to crack down on employers who misclassify their workers as independent contractors!

To wit:

UI and Independent Contractors: If an employer-employee relationship exists, it does not matter how the relationship is described by the person engaging the services. For example, if an employer issues individuals a 1099 form rather than a W-2 form, the workers may still be considered employees. Even if the workers sign a statement claiming independent contractor status and waiving any rights as employees, or if they are required to obtain a DBA in order to work for that employer, those individuals may still be considered employees under the law. The Unemployment Insurance Law provides that no agreement by employees to waive their rights under the law is valid.” [NYDOL, itals all moi.]

The irony. Really.

[Gawker: How To Tell If You’re A Freelancer Or An Employee]


Sure, Sheila wasn’t fired. But she also wasn’t, technically, an employee. Gawker staffers are all contractors and as far as I know she will not be eligible for unemployment.


Oh, can we stop saying Sheila was fired? It’s a layoff. Read the rest of this entry »


Superstar Bloggers Would Dig It If You Kept Calling Them That. Okay? Okay.

November 3, 2008

blogging-1.jpg I’m guessing that it’s not a good thing that, of late, most urges of mine to be “creative” (by which I mean subjecting whichever idiot happens to fall into this site in his search for a terrible terrible Rod Stewart song to the random trappings of my brain) have been inspired only by the creative acts of others. Good Lord, did you see that run-on sentence? I’m so glad we both made it safely out.

As such, I don’t have anything to add to Michael Duff’s Friday column during which he raised a pen up to Alex Balk and Choire Sicha, among other Bloggers Missing In Recession. (Well, maybe that the “superstar bloggers” Duff’s doffing his cap to would (and did) get a good chuckle out of that oxymoronic description. Superstars are supposed to get paid, no?) Duff’s right and God (and I) love him for it.

Hey, wouldn’t it be fucking hilarious if someone threw a startup website of the canned and laid-off bloggers who have talked about doing that very thing for years together at various Manhattan gin mills and everyone came and it was awesome? Just saying.

Finest Writers On The Web Are Ready to Work For Coffee, Beer [Michael Duff]

Oh, This Should Be Good…

August 25, 2008

“Choire Sicha Joins Radar: Last Media Job In New York City Gladly Taken”

…Very good indeed. I mean, thank God. About time, for chrissakes.

In other news, since Choire is otherwise occupied (presumably looking for a white suit and spats to go with his fancy new title), I’ll be guest-blogging at Radar this week. I can neither confirm nor deny that Doree Shafrir, Emily Gould and Joshua David Stein will also be joining me. Disgusting, it all is, isn’t it?

Why I, Gawker, And Everyone Else Kicked The Edwards Affair Under The Rug. For Fun! No, Really.

August 11, 2008

If Alex Pareene and Doree Shafrir think they can go around taking all the blame for Gawker ignoring the John Edwards story last fall, they’ve got another think coming.

The day the National Enquirer story broke on the Edwards affair (almost two weeks after Mediabistro did a nice pointed little Rielle Roundup), I had this IM conversation with a Beltway reporter:

Edwardsim-1 It went on from there. We dug around a little, but not enough. By the time we started getting anything actually new on the story, Pareene (at the time still mired at swampy Wonkette) was all over it. When you’re working for a stable of niche blogs, the thinking is it doesn’t make sense to have two sites running down the same story when they could be using that time to produce unique content. Seems reasonable, if frustrating and limiting.

Sooooo we let it go, barring the arrival of an email from Rielle Hunter herself delivering photographic evidence of her affair with the senior Senator from North Carolina. Which would have been pretty fucking sweet.

Wait! Could this mean it’s still Pareene’s fault—that speedy little devil—that Gawker didn’t stay on the story? Sigh. No such luck.

Edwardsemail1 So: Why didn’t we or anyone else stalk this juicy, potentially huge story for all it was worth, like the Enquirer? It certainly wasn’t out of party loyalty or our undying John Edwards crush—the guy’s a dick and always has been. Son-of-a-millworker, my foot and ass.

The press is stumbling all over itself to give its readers an explanation (sort of like the one I just gave above!) They run the gamut from diminishing resources and manpower to cutbacks, layoffs, the primaries, the dubious credibility of both Hunter and the Enquirer, and the fact that nobody knows a politician who hasn’t fucked around, so how is that news?

Well, it’s sure as hell news once someone sluttier than you hits it out of the park. The best excuses so far are detailed descriptions of the reporter’s long-standing personal knowledge of Hunter and her flimsy connection to the Edwards campaign. Super job! You tooootally knew! You were on the inside, man! And you did…what? Nothing? Nothing.

The reason we ignored this story is that we are idiots. I even apologize, actually. There. Now (and yes, I am that chick), as Jed Bartlett/Aaron Sorkin used to say: What’s next?

This Adorably Teensy MidWesterner Looks Just Like That One

August 9, 2008


OMG, did you hear Jessica Coen made the Olympics?!


Hmmmm…or maybe that’s just all-around gold medal favorite Shawn Johnson, who happens to look just like her. Just, um…a tad more flexible.

UPDATE: I have yet to meet a heterosexual male who can correctly identify the color of a woman’s hair. It’s kind of phenomenal:

From: Hamilton Nolan <>
Date: August 11, 2008 2:04:10 PM EDT
To:, Maggie Shnayerson <>

You think all blond people look alike. So racist.

Then again, he’s not wrong about my being racist.

Occasions Upon Which It Truly Is An Awesome Thing Not To Have A Job

August 6, 2008

“Dear Body,

Remember when we used to stay out drinking until all hours of the morning and still be able to turn up to work the next day with no noticeable damage?



Dear God, seriously.  And Alex Balk has at least three decades on me.  Also?  Dear Andrew Krucoff: Terribly sorry about that wee clotheslining incident, for which there can be no excuse, because Andrew Krucoff is not frightening in the least, even when he comes up out of nowhere on the street. Well, so far anyway. As compensation, he gets to be Kobe Bryant in this post.

UPDATE: “Krucoff neglects to mention the reason he got stiff-armed is because Maggie thought Lindsay was being molested, since he came at them like the Kool-Aid guy.”  Well…yes.  Yes he did.  And yes. Yes, we were.

In Which Someone Interviews Me About Some Blog

July 25, 2008

If anyone knows why journalists like to interview journalists, I’d be interested in hearing your hypothesis. In any event, I answered some questions for about Gawker. It’s up now.

Also? This is definitely a picture of me in college at Alpha Delta’s Supertails Halloween party. We were dressed as the Pink Ladies from Grease. Just thought I’d get that out there. LOVE the immutability of the Internets. LOVE it.