Pandora Radio Tweaks Business Model Ever So Subtly

November 7, 2008


“While some stations display ads on their website, Pandora hasn’t done itself any favors by offering desktop clients and a wildly popular iPhone application that rake in millions of users without so much as a single ad.” [ArtsJournal, 8/16/2008]

So much (hopefully) for that particular rumor of death. There really is nothing more offensive than a bubble-gum pink ad campaign, though.


How To Reach The Pedophiles

March 20, 2008

I particularly like the moment in this new JCPenney ad where the little girl reaches through the slats of the wondrous bed-in-the-wood to play, ever so tenderly, with the towish and touseled hair of the little boy. Come on now, Madison Avenue. It’s titillating and controversial when Abercrombie & Fitch does this with male models. But um, this is just skeevy.