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  • IM me: margot620
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  • Good Christ, I have a totally unwarranted Wikipedia page.
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    5 Responses to About

    1. Bruce Priveterre says:

      You have quite an ego. Too bad that you do not have enough talent to truly support it.

    2. Maggie says:

      Who knew posting contact details could be so narcissistic!

    3. whynot says:

      I think you’re kind of cute.

    4. Atherton Bartelby says:

      I was pleasantly surprised to see this morning that you were guest-blogging at Radar this week, and decided to visit your personal blog to see what you’ve been up to since Gawker. I literally burst into laughter when I stumbled upon the first comment to this page, though; the first comment to the “about” page on my own blog criticizes my “ego,” as well. And, um, aren’t “about” pages by their very nature egotistical? *scratches head* Anyway, I had to share my chuckle with you.

      Looking forward to the rest of your Radar week!

      Atherton Bartelby

    5. Maggie says:

      Sir Bartelby, I presume? Share a chuckle with you anytime.

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