Classy Moves By Former Bosses, Or Kudos To Keith O’Brien

Mediabistro interviewed PRWeek’s insanely young EIC Keith O’Brien, who responded to the following question about my favorite Floridian (and his former employee) Hamilton Nolan thusly:

“Q: Former PRWeek reporter Hamilton Nolan left for Gawker earlier this year. Obviously, there will be some change in a reporter’s writing style when making a move like that. What are your thoughts on Hamilton’s reporting for Gawker?

A: Well first off, I’ll say Gawker obviously looks at the PR industry in a different way than we do. I’m really proud of the work that Hamilton did here. I think that he is a brilliant reporter, and if anyone has the opportunity to look at some of his past work, the economy that he had with words should be taught at journalism schools. As far as the work he does now, they have a different approach to covering this industry, and he’s obviously doing really well there, and the commenters there seem to agree with his point of view. I wish him luck there. Hamilton and I still talk a lot, and I think it’s a good fit for him.”

Classy.  Also, totally true about Nolan’s economy with words.  If you’re a regular reader of his Gawker posts, just keep in mind that he is capable of being concise, the lovable punk.


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