In Which Someone Interviews Me About Some Blog

July 25, 2008

If anyone knows why journalists like to interview journalists, I’d be interested in hearing your hypothesis. In any event, I answered some questions for about Gawker. It’s up now.

Also? This is definitely a picture of me in college at Alpha Delta’s Supertails Halloween party. We were dressed as the Pink Ladies from Grease. Just thought I’d get that out there. LOVE the immutability of the Internets. LOVE it.


This Guilt Trip Brought To You By Facebook

July 25, 2008

Thanks, Mark Zuckerberg. You just made me confirm to you that I am a global devastation snubbing first-worlder.

“It’s important for people to be good to each other,” you told Forbes yesterday.

Which made me wonder just how much of your estimated $1.5 billion net worth YOU are devoting to slowing down the general deterioration of humanity? Hmmm? MARK? Prick.

Well-Played, Pranay Gupte. Well-Played Indeed.

July 25, 2008

My, my, my. Touché, Pranay Gupte, touché. Clearly there is no other choice—I submit. Facebook Friends we shall be. Sigh.

Oh, Come On Now, Pranay Gupte

July 24, 2008

Pranaygupte4 You wanna be Facebook friends? For reals?

Hmm. Hang on just one sec, mmmkay? My clueless-about-the-media-scene, wet-behind-the-ears, idiotic, intemperate, insulting, overtly hostile white donkey self needs just a wee momentito to consider. [The Pranay Principles]

BREAKING: People Sometimes Suck

July 22, 2008

74591071.jpg You know what would be great? If someone older and wiser could fill me in on how to make it not suck as much when someone older and wiser whom you trust out-and-out fucks you. Because that? That would be some valuable information, kids, after the fantasterrifical day I’ve had. A sage word or two on even partial penetration? Indeed, also welcome! The suggestion box is open and forgive the mouth on me if you would—shit happens.

OMG, Now I Have To Go Hug My Pets And/Or Start Drinking

July 18, 2008

“Baby Panda Adopted And Nursed By Cat Dies” [AP]


(AP Photo/ Artis Zoo)

Oy. But Hey! Olympic Hotties!

July 18, 2008