Congrats To A Couple Of Old Colleagues

AP Photo/Louis LanzanoIn the sense of former, not, you know, old, okay Tom? Anyway, three cheers for the Village Voice’s Tom Robbins and music ed Rob Harvilla, who both took home nods from this weekend’s Annual AltWeekly Awards for, respectively, their political columns and music criticism.

Rob is hugely talented, hard-working and a great guy. But Tom Robbins will always have a special place in my heart, partly because of a yelling match we once got into about Mike Lacey; partly because he sat three feet behind me when I worked at the Voice and you’ve never eavesdropped on a conversation until you’ve heard the almost daily one wherein Robbins picks up his ringing phone and goes “Eeeyy, Jimmy, what’s the news?” and he means Breslin; but mostly because the guy could have been running the place and still had the class to take me out to lunch—or bring it to me for chrissakes. “We’re just talkin’ here, right, Mag?” he’d say. Always, Tom Robbins, always.

Jesus Christ, it sounds like I’m writing his obit, a mark of a lazy writer if I ever saw one. Sorry. Fucker’s alive, well, and if I know him at all, constantly kicking. Congrats again.


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