Come Visit Me

Me-2 I’m guest-editing over at New York magazine’s Daily Intel blog for the next week. Stop on by! Or don’t! But do read something, it’s good for the complexion.


7 Responses to Come Visit Me

  1. Hamilton says:

    I do believe that the journalism technique of using your gym as a point of reference for stories of public interest is a fine one and should be used much more. Seriously.

    You seem like quite the promising young upstart!

  2. […] media reporter Maggie Shnayerson is guest editing at New York magazine’s Daily Intel blog over the next week, and her first bylined post is already up! It’s about how the sorts of statistics being used […]

  3. Maggie says:

    Beyond seedy, I’m telling you. Like, the sign dangles back and forth in the wind.

  4. michaelduff says:

    One day, I hope someone will call me “a promising young upstart” but I’m afraid it’s too late…

  5. Maggie says:

    Ah, yes, you’d think so, Balker Stalker, wouldn’t you? Unfortunately when YOU frequently describe said someone as “a promising young upstart,” the whole thing really begins to feel lots less sparkly.

  6. michaelduff says:

    I seem to have a talent for jumping on bandwagons 6 months too late.

    So basically, as soon as I start worshiping someone, their career is over.

    Who should I target next?

  7. […] I can’t tell if recent visitors from the Balkans are treating me with good-natured tolerance or thinly-veiled contempt. […]

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