McCain To Times Reporter: I Know You Are But What Am I?

John McCain finally lost his shit at a New York Times reporter. In this clip of the exchange today, the Arizona senator politely refrains from gutting Elisabeth Bumiller for questioning his stance on whether a conversation with John Kerry about a VP role in 2004 actually took place. Instead, he subjects her to the kind of argument any parent of a teenager will recognize instantly, which might be worse. “There’s no living American in Washington that doesn’t know that,” McCain tells her. “Everybody knows that in America.” There’s also a pretty hormonal “Why should I?” in there that should put all those loose-cannon concerns to rest.If you’re in one of the most hotly-contested presidential campaigns in recent memory (besides that other one) and you’re rumored to have a bit of a flaming temper issue, it’s probably best not to flaunt it in front of the press, even if they are on your goddammed plane forfuckssakesandwhointhehelldotheythinktheyare? Bumiller’s been covering the White House for the Times since September 10, 2001. “She is a terrific, fearless reporter with a great instinct for good stories,” her boss has said. “She’s assertive in her reporting and stirs up a lot of good stories.” Good stories, I get it. Good sense—perhaps not so much. “Why are you so angry?” she asked McCain. Oy. Really? I make it a rule to force psychoanalysis on former P.O.W.’s only when they’re safely tied to a chair.[Via Politico’s Michael Calderone.]


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